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Upcycling; a New Trend in Sustainability

Upcycling; a New Trend in Sustainability

How about a new lifestyle? Simplifying, reducing waste, acquiring a new way that protects nature with your every move; It promises less things but more time, happiness and freedom.

It is possible to adopt a conscious consumption approach with a simple lifestyle consisting of materials that can be returned to nature.

The concept of recycling (recycling) that we are all familiar with has long taken place in the daily routine of many of us. No matter how important recycling is in terms of regaining resources for consumption, we can do better to protect our nature and our future. How is it? By Upcycling!

Recycling basically breaks the material and transforms it into something new. Resources and energy are used throughout the processes.

‘Upcycling’, which was chosen as the word of the year by Cambridge Dictionary in 2019; It is defined as the activity of making new furniture, objects, etc. out of old or used materials.

A productive process where waste is treated as a resource, Upcycling is more energy efficient and materials do not degrade but are reused instead. This process continues the life of the object while adding value and quality to it.

New Summit in Luxury: 2021 is the year of sustainability!

2020 has been an important year in terms of the introduction and spread of recycled, eco-friendly materials into our living spaces. Natural-looking wooden furniture, wicker baskets, second-hand antique bookcases that add warmth and coziness to the space have brought a brand new understanding to our lives, integrating design with awareness.

Besides recycling this year, upcycling and DIY projects come across as a concept that marks home decor trends.

Instead of buying new furniture, covering your chairs with fabrics of different textures or painting them with trend colors of the year are just a few of the upcycling projects limited to your imagination!

You can give a new life to every item that you consider as waste, from your broken items that have expired to your old clothes that you no longer wear, so you can significantly reduce the damage to nature with less consumption.

Upcycle Now! Turn Your Trash Into Treasures

Whatever you have, think again before throwing it away.

Instead of buying new things, creating them from current resources will also reduce rapid consumption and mass waste formation.

It is possible to make eco-friendly shopping bags from old t-shirts that you can’t bear to throw away, pots from canned boxes, fertilizer from old coffee grounds for your plants, pen holders from jars, beds from pallets, coffee tables and flower beds. Websites like Upcycle Turkey and Upcycle That are full of great ideas to inspire you, be sure to check them out!

To big changes in small steps

Knowing how small beginnings our lifestyle habits can actually change and how much it can lead to big changes in nature and experiencing these simple suggestions step by step, being able to approach everything unnecessary with a new perspective is a gift to our world; being able to exist in nature, in its own cycle.

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