Kyrenia, North Cyprus

Özyalçın Construction

Özyalçın Engineering and Architectural Office was founded in 1991 by Oğuz Özyalçın and located in Kyrenia. In 1993, the office started to work in construction business and changed its name as Özyalçın Construction. The company grew up by providing confidence and taking firm steps forward and started to be mentioned as one of the best construction companies of North Cyprus.

After the company’s founder Oğuz Özyalçın passed away in 2012, the second generation keeps on growing up Özyalçın Construction and adding value to Kyrenia.

As the creator of 25 big and completed building estates, Özyalçın Construction is capable to finish 350 flats and houses a year. The company, which is one of the biggest of North Cyprus, carries on activities with its experienced and reliable team.

Quality Standarts

For Özyalçın Construction, quality, trust, security has always become indispensable and also the values that should continuously be developed. In this direction, Özyalçın Construction is constantly renewing itself and continuously audited by independent audit institutions:

Özyalçın Construction Ltd. is a member of The Cyprus Turkish Building Contractors Association and honored with first class building certificate.

Özyalçın Construction is also one of the few companies in TRNC to have the NATIONAL QUALITY ASSURANCE BS EN ISO 9001-2015 certificate.

As a result of inspections conducted in April 2014, Özyalçın Construction has been awarded with BS OHSAS 18001:2018 occupational health and safety standards. Özyalçın Construction sites are monitored by NQA on a regular basis to check occupational health and safety issues.

Özyalçın Construction Ltd. Quality Policy ISO 9001 : 2015

In order to provide the best products and services to our customers in the construction industry;
  • To comply with the legal regulations of our country,
  • Developing our products and services beyond customer needs and expectations and presenting them to the customer in a timely and complete manner,
  • Measuring customer satisfaction and keeping it at the highest possible level,
  • To continuously improve our Quality Management System,
  • To continuously train all our employees in order to follow the developments in our country and in the world,
  • Allocating appropriate equipment and other needed resources to our trained, experienced and skilled employees,
  • To measure, develop and increase the harmony between all our personnel,
  • To use energy and natural resources efficiently,

We are committed.
Accordingly, our objectives will be determined, measured and reviewed.


Making a difference and signing prestigious projects.


To be a group that makes a difference in its geography with its quality and reliability, adopts the principle of contributing to the country’s economy and society, carries the synergy created with its young and dynamic staff to innovate changes, aims to achieve better and better international brand awareness with the power taken by its stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Professional work with a young spirit
  • Creating happy customers
  • Sincerity and smiling face
  • Change and development
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Giving importance to ethical values
  • Environmentalist approach
  • Contribution to social projects
  • The spirit of unity and togetherness