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Refresh the soil of your plants and the energy of your soul with fall !

Refresh the soil of your plants and the energy of your soul with fall !

Refresh the soil of your plants and the energy of your soul with fall !

During this time when we begin to feel the effects of autumn, while the tones of green gradually turn to orange, both nature and our daily lives are changing, undoubtedly, our house plants are affected by this difficult transition.

The first and most important step to helping our green friends who are trying to adapt to all of these changing conditions, like us, is to get to know them.

It is important to know what kind of soil they love, how much sunlight and water they need.

Repotting and aeration of the soil

As a second step, you can check if the pot is still suitable for your plant.

As your plant grows, a large part of the soil is covered by the roots, the pot starts to become insufficient and therefore the plant cannot obtain the nutrients it needs from the soil.

After checking which plant will stay in the pot, which one needs a larger pot, and supplying the necessary materials, you can now move on to aerate the soil.

On hot summer days, the soil of plants that need more water than regular collapses due to frequent irrigation and your plant can no longer breathe comfortably. This situation is very inconvenient for the development of your plants in the autumn months.

Therefore, cleaning the soil and pot of your plants and aerating their roots helps them spend the winter months healthier. During repotting, you can accelerate growth and development by pruning the dried parts of the root.

Prune off the dead stuff

This is a good time to clean up any dead leaves or flower spikes. Dried, broken and crushed leaves are quite heavy loads for the plant. Plants use the valuable nutrients it receives from the soil only to repair these damaged leaves, and this negatively affects the overall health of the plant. In such cases, pruning is essential.

Pruning is a must-do process in times of need, triggers new growth, so your plant has more vibrant and bright leaves.

Wean them off fertilizer

Foliage growth slows down considerably during the fall and winter months as they are getting ready to go into dormancy, so you can withhold from using any fertilizer until next spring, the start of the growth season.

It will be enough to give your houseplants the essentials—light and water— to sustain them through winter.

Our green friends, who bring the unique peace of nature to our living spaces and nourish our souls, need care at least as much as we do during the seasonal transitions.

Try these suggestions and enjoy the wonderful changes in your plants!

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