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Journey to the Roots: Interior Designs with Viva Magenta

Journey to the Roots: Interior Designs with Viva Magenta

Pantone, which leads the trend colour of the following year every year, takes us to the roots of red with Viva Magenta, defined as “an unusual red for an unusual time”. 

Let’s discover how we can adapt the bold and powerful Viva Magenta colour to living spaces by getting to know the colour selected for 2023 in December.

Viva Magenta

In this age of technology, the Pantone Color Institute, which chooses a colour tone from nature, is inspired by one of the most valuable and brilliant natural dyes, the cochineal bug!

The company’s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, comments on the colour: “As virtual worlds become a more prominent part of our daily lives, we try to take inspiration from nature and the real world. Viva Magenta, whose roots are primitive, revives our spirit by invoking the powers of nature and helps us develop our inner strength.” 

Viva Magenta, which emits liveliness and power, is a bold, daring tone that encourages optimism and joy. Although Pantone Viva Magenta is part of the red colour family, it has a different, bold, humorous, and inclusive character thanks to its pinkish tone, which is different from reds that traditionally evoke anger and danger.

How can we adapt it to interior spaces?

The Viva Magenta colour invites you to be bold and functional designs. Viva Magenta’s unlimited potential can help you bring a modern and minimal decoration to life for those who want to add a touch of rebellion to their living space. You can add this vibrant colour, defined as a symbol of power and an independent spirit, to many areas of your life with small touches.

As we mentioned in our previous blog, the 2023 interior design trends include minimalism, natural materials and colours, natural light usage, and technological solutions. When using these trends, the Viva Magenta colour you will use allows spaces to be made more vibrant and energetic.

In minimalist designs, the Viva Magenta colour can be the room’s focal point. For example, a Viva Magenta-colored sofa or curtain placed in front of a light grey or off-white wall can create a bright and vibrant look with natural light use. This colour can create a softer and more comfortable atmosphere when combined with natural materials. A Viva Magenta-colored wall or furniture combined with natural materials such as wood or marble will reveal the inviting and warm atmosphere of the space.

This powerful colour can also be integrated with technological solutions. For example, a screen or device control panel placed on a Viva Magenta coloured wall can emphasise the design’s technological aspect. This way, the space will have a more modern and contemporary look.

Viva Magenta colour can also be frequently used in kitchens and bathrooms. Placing magenta-coloured accessories or covering one wall of the room with a wallpaper of this colour with small touches will increase the energy of the space.

Overall, when combined with many different design elements, the Viva Magenta colour will create a lively and powerful energy. However, it is important always to use it in moderation and combine it with the right colour tones. Excessive magenta colour can make the atmosphere of the space oppressive and tiring. When used according to the needs and purposes of the space, this colour allows spaces to be made more vibrant and energetic. For example, if you want to create a softer and more comfortable atmosphere for a bedroom, it would be more appropriate to choose less intense and softer tones of Viva Magenta colour.

Renew your home with Viva Magenta, create a bold style, and add colour to your life! This open and friendly colour invites you to explore, enrich and be confident in your home.

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