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A warm perspective on the cold of winter; Koselig!

A warm perspective on the cold of winter; Koselig!

The cold and gloomy weather in Northern Cyprus recently, where we have experienced the coldest days of the winter months; It brings along seasonal depression, chronic fatigue and unhappiness.

How come the Scandinavian countries are among the happiest countries in the world despite the vicious winter months?

Somehow, despite frigid temperatures and seemingly endless darkness, Norwegians remain some of the happiest people in the world and they have a very positive attitude towards the winter blues. So how do Norwegians tolerate the cold and long winter? With the “philosophy of koselig” of course.

What is Koselig?

While it’s hard to pinpoint an exact definition for Koselig, which includes the concepts of creating our own light, warmth, tranquility and coziness, could be described as the feeling you get while sitting around a roaring fireplace with friends or family after a long day outside.

One of the main factors that helps Norwegians tolerate the winter is the “philosophy of koselig”. This is a concept that many foreigners struggle to comprehend because it does not have a direct translation in most languages. A fairly close translation is “cozy.” But “cozy” fails to fully encompass exactly what it means to have it koselig. Koselig is more than just being cozy, and essentially includes any object, activity, person, even a drink, a meal or another element that provides inner joy or provokes warm, fuzzy feelings.

Koselig may remind you of ‘Hygge’, the seemingly similar Dane concept of comfort and happiness. Candles, fireplaces and fluffy blankets, and focus on keeping oneself in peaceful, comfortable, friendly and warm environments and being happy are important in both.

So how can you include Koselig, which is related to hygge but it’s more comprehensive concept, into your winter?

If you want to experience the Norwegian lifestyle that is very constructive, full of awareness and that you can apply to every corner of your life, here are a few tips to guide you!

Warmth and coziness

Homemade delicious food, a steaming mug of your favorite beverage, the serenity of the crackling fireplace, the warm glow of the candles…

Although all this is the first step of the Koselig movement to create a heartwarming atmosphere, the main purpose here is to feeling the connection. Sincerity, coziness and warmth should not be limited to a setting we create, but should also show itself into human relations.

Connect with your loved ones

Randi Skaug, the first Norwegian woman up Everest, explains the Koselig current as “Togetherness is a very important part of the word itself. Because you wouldn’t say to yourself, ‘This is koselig.’ You’d say it when there’s someone else around.”

This sense of togetherness is one way that Koselig differs from the isolationist interior craze of Hygge.

While isolation and the joy of missing out are at the forefront for the Hygge, Koselig is more about the happiness of sharing the moment with others. It’s about a connecting coziness. “We feel the happiness of being together,” Skaug explains. The most important point of this sharing is to be sincere, warm and honest.

In other words, the second step of implementing the Koselig; It goes through a sincere and real connection!

Don’t forget to be with nature

Worrying about getting sick in cold weather often causes us to head indoors, but even though the weather changes, the effect of connecting with nature on mental health does not change! Regardless of the season, it is necessary to connect with nature and return to our essence. A visit to the beach for a refreshing sea air or an uplifting mountain walk with its clean breeze. Koselig stipulates enjoying the fresh air outdoors and exploring nature!

Koselig can happen anytime

A comprehensive Scandinavian lifestyle Koselig, even if it includes candles, warm fireplace and soft blankets, this lifestyle’s mindset is about making the best out of a bad situation, finding a way to connect with the opportunities of this moment for greater reflection, deeper meaning, stronger relationships and social connection.

No matter how cold the weather is, the warm heart of the Mediterranean people, the glamorous rich nature of Northern Cyprus and the sincere friendships offer good opportunities to practice this trend regardless of the seasons.

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