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Fall 2022 trends: Getting ready for winter with inspiring colours and textures

Fall 2022 trends: Getting ready for winter with inspiring colours and textures

On these days when we are slowly saying goodbye to the summer, nature is preparing for the winter season. With the fallen leaves, cool weather and sweet sluggishness, we are refreshing in the mildly breezy evenings of October and entering a new calm and peaceful season by throwing off the tiring effects of summer heat.  

If you want to embrace the spirit of the season with the little touches you will make in your living spaces in this period when the days are getting shorter and the time spent at home increases, take a look at the decoration suggestions we have prepared for you from the 2022 Autumn/Winter trends!

Timeless Touches

While trends are not something that many people like to follow for their ephemerality, timeless fall trends in 2022 are looking towards creating a cosy, warm home for friends and family to gather and relax together after a difficult few years.

Use warm-toned colours

As the temperature cools and the indoors beckons, a charming palette of deep, rich hues will create the perfect ambience for relaxation. Deep ruby reds and earthy crimsons make a bold statement by enveloping the room with instant warmth and comfort. This season, perfect for pairing natural materials such as wood, rattan, marble, terracotta and travertine with new neutral forest green hues. For a visually calming and soothing touch, you can choose these tones in large pieces, such as tactile rugs. This mix and match provides an integral transition between intense colours.  

Using dark tones in large pieces will not be ideal if you decorate a small space. Then we have an alternative neutralizer suggestion for you, which is also the trend colour this summer; Sage green.

Sage green, predicted to be a trend for the next year, seems to be in our lives for a long time with its healing energy and the calmness it creates.  

Pair this with darker greens and warmer/cosier textures to make a space feel cocooning.

This colour offers a sense of calm and tranquillity. Decorating with green is a timeless way to bring the outside into your home, and using it in numerous shades for a relaxing tonal scheme can make a room feel happy.

As we mentioned in this article, brown tones are an indispensable part of the Autumn season and have been the favourite colour of the palettes lately.

Making a permanent entrance into our lives with the decoration trends of 2022, warm brown tones stand out with their harmonious stance in every part of living spaces. When used with warm off-whites and gentle light neutrals, it can become a real statement shade and bring warmth to the room. In this combination, it would be a perfect wall paint colour for sunny, south-facing rooms. In addition, it pairs beautifully with all-natural materials like wood, stone, clay and natural fabrics like linen or jute. Cosy brown hues look the best with soft, warm lighting and are perfect for creating a relaxing ambient atmosphere in your home.

Incorporate vintage finds

This year has been all about mid-century modern, with its clean lines, minimal details, and organic curved forms inspired the 2022 interior designs. However, towards the end of this year, we are going to see this Retro style move on and evolve into a more 70s feel. Vintage pieces come into our lives with elegant, nostalgic touches and bold patterns identified with the 70s; It finds a wonderful harmony with the autumn spirit by coming to life again in interior designs where bright solid colours and striking earth tones are blended together.

Decorating with vintage pieces is a great way to evoke an autumnal mood, with darker woods and distressed finishes playing into the more rugged look fall is associated with. When it comes to how to start decorating for fall, adding reclaimed pieces brings warmth and character to the space, instantly making any house feel homey. It will be an excellent alternative to evaluate the existing ones and use the decorative finds left by the family’s elders indoors.

Create a cosy and romantic home

One of the biggest fall trends is the desire to make a house look cosy with thick and soft wool fabrics. Cosy room ideas have become a necessity in many people’s homes as the weather cools down and we look to relax with friends and family over the winter period. This relaxing and restorative look is all about creating a calming home retreat where you can kick back and recharge. Combining organic materials, natural textures, and a soft neutral palette across beautifully crafted furniture and accessories, each space has been designed to channel a laid-back and liveable mood.  

You can make your environment more comfortable during the winter by combining such materials with sparkling items and candles to create a romantic ambience. From restful living room ideas to comfy corner ideas, the cosy trend is perfect for making a sung home to find sanctuary from the hectic outside world.

Arrange autumn florals

Autumn is a season that represents simplicity and the slowing down of life. For this reason, decorative objects in more pastel and earth tones suit the season’s spirit. Swapping summer blooms for fall-inspired florals is an easy fall trend idea that can be used to spruce up any part of the house for the fall season. Dried stems are perfect for fall because they tend to have a more muted colour palette which coordinates nicely with any seasonal decor. Try swapping your floral stems with dried eucalyptus for some greenery and texture.

Autumn colours for 2022

Some of the most popular colours for fall 2022 are deep or earthy shades such as greens in olive or mossy shades, warm-toned browns, tans and caramels, and warm neutrals such as beiges and off-whites to soften the space.

In addition, bolder and more intense tones, such as red berry tones, are also trending in the fall of 2022. You can combine it with mustard yellows to create a grounded scheme that suits autumn.

Our homes, where we have a much more reciprocal relationship than we think, are actually in search of balance and harmony, just like our bodies. Nature, which changes with the seasons, continues to affect us in all places where we live and work with the life energy it contains. Applying the changing trends every season may not be an essential reference point to understand these effects and make the necessary adjustments. For this reason, colours and textures that are good for your soul should always be your first choice. We wish you a wonderful autumn season where you give yourself and your spaces the attention and care they deserve.

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