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Oğuz Özyalçın was commemorated in a chess tournament

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The 2014 Kyrenia Chess Tournament, held by the Chess Training Center, was played in memory of the late Oğuz Özyalçın. The Oğuz Özyalçın story was told to young people  before the tournament matches were played.

Many people who participated in the Chess Tournament organized by the Chess Training Center had the chance to know Oğuz Özyalçın with the short speeches. Oğuz Özyalçın’s resume was read in the opening speeches, projects and activities that he gave life were mentioned.

In their opening speeches, they talked about the contributions and contributions of Oğuz Özyalçın to the country’s economy and social life.

In the commemoration ceremony yal This excitement tournament is not due to come to an end, we are very excited for all of us Oğuz Özyalçın’ı we remember, we have this great excitement for organizing in his name. one side of us is sad but we are proud and honorable. an

Oğuz Özyalçın’s close friends Kombos Automotive director Serhan Kombos and Tennis Federation President Saffet Barutçu also expressed great pride in taking part in such an event and their friendship with Özyalçın and mentioning the benefits of the game of chess.

HALKIN SESİ Newspaper Director Mehmet Küçük took part in the tournament. In his speech Küçük told the following briefly: im There are people, they live 80 years without leaving any traces, but there are some people, like my brother Oghuz, leaves very big traces in a very short time, like 46 years. We will continue to live with us in our hearts and these days.

Before the tournament, the participants and the supporters were given a plaque.

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