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1993 Yılından beri Kuzey Kıbrıs’ta kaliteli, güvenilir, öncü inşaat projeleri üretmeye devam etmektedir. Kuzey Kıbrıs’ta gerek sanayi, site, villa, apartman, okul, kamu projeleri gerçekleştiren Özyalçın Construction Kuzey Kıbrıs’ın en tecrübeli ve büyük inşaat şirketi olmasının yanında, kalite ve iş güvenliği denetimleri ile Avrupa standartlarında çalışmaktadır


Özyalçın Construction gerçekleştirmekte olduğu projelerin satışında müşterilerin Özyalçın Construction’ın finansal gücünden yaralanmasını sağlayarak, banka kredisi, kefil gibi detaylarla uğraşmadan firmamız tarafından sağlanan ödeme planları ile uygun şartlarda ev sahibi olmasını sağlamaktadır.


Nadine & Frank

We would like to thank the whole Özyalcin team for the great work and excellent support and advice provided since 2010 when we signed a contract for a villa in Catalköy. This applies not only to the actual construction, but also to the time after we took over the house – whenever an issue came up, you were there to help us fix it, always fast and unbureaucratically. One point that we particularly appreciated is the fact that we, as non-Cypriots living abroad, did not have the possibility to look after the construction regularly. Therefore, trustworthiness of the builder was of utmost importance to us. It is fair to say that, in terms of reliability, your team did no less than a perfect job: After everything regarding the villa had been agreed, you fulfilled the contract in all details and in top quality, and all we had to do was to come back and take over the keys…
Should we decide to commence another real estate project in Cyprus, Özyalcin would undoubtedly be our first choice as builder!

Nadine & Frank from Germany

Hamid Mirhashemi & The family

“From the moment our family first visited Cyprus in March of 2009, we fell in love with the country and culture. Furthermore, because of our enjoyment we decided to purchase a property so our family could enjoy Cyprus for many years to come.
Because purchasing a property is a strong commitment we viewed 100 properties varying in size and style, with a range of different property developers. We finally decided on a property with Ozyalçin Construction Ltd. and this is where our connection to Cyprus really started. Not only did we find a fantastic property for our family to feel at home, we also found life-long family friends. This is now more than just a place to live…
Through out the whole process, Ozyalçin provided an honest, professional and personal service to our family. From the personable sales process to the excellent standards of maintenance, Ozyalçin have truely become family friends with us. In light of all of the above, we have subsequently purchased 7 more properties, making this a total of 8, which conveys the quality and service on offer from Ozyalçin.
Our family would recommend Ozyalçin to anyone who is contemplating purchasing a property in Cyprus.”

Best Regards,
Hamid Mirhashemi & the family


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