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The Final Touches of Spring: Prepare Your Living Spaces for Summer with 2022 Decoration Trends!

The Final Touches of Spring: Prepare Your Living Spaces for Summer with 2022 Decoration Trends!

Fresh Beginnings

The weather is warming, nature is awakening, our energy is rising.

As nature comes to life, we feel more alive and more spacious. With this rising beautiful energy, our spirit is refreshed, and our desire to renew and beautify both ourselves and our environment increases.

How would you like to bring the feeling of freshness, peace and refreshment brought by spring to your homes when the sun shines brighter and the weather warms up?

We have listed a few pleasant suggestions for you to apply the 2022 decoration trends, while allowing you to reconnect with nature by feeling the chirping spirit of spring in your living spaces.

Time to renew with spring touches

Whether you distribute fresh wildflowers in tiny vases all over your home, or use arrangements made with flamboyant and elegant spring branches they both look amazing! One of the best ways to embrace the season would be to carry the colours that nature gives us in spring to decoration. Pastel pinks, refreshing green tones, bright blues, sunlit yellows, warm chocolate browns, beige and peachy tones that surround you with comfort are great colours to meet the summer.

Objects inspired by nature

As we spend more time indoors than ever before, we are all seeking to strengthen our connection with nature. This has simultaneously inspired a resurgence in natural surfaces for the 2022 decoration trends.

Stoneware, terracotta, marble and travertine; The raw, porous, imperfect nature of these organic materials adds depth, soul, and visual intrigue to your living spaces while also mimicking the calming, restorative ambiance of the outdoors.

You can add timeless elegance and grace to your living spaces with decorative objects inspired by nature.

Thick fabrics on the rack

It’s time to put the cosy blankets and wool pillows that warm us up in the closet until next season. Linen textures and light fabrics take their places. Since linen fabrics are lighter, they offer a comfortable and more airy use. You can make your environment more comfortable during the summer by choosing light linen textures in natural tones instead of heavy and dark colored fabrics. Now your home is more airy and in a freshness worthy of summer!

Shades of brown

Chocolate browns, camels and caramel – there has been so much colour and pattern, especially pastels used in the last few years. You can use brown tones, which also harmonise with the bright yellows and sky blues in the colour palette that comes to life with the arrival of spring, as a deep neutral for elegant and timeless spaces.

Thin rugs, textured benches and decorative throw pillows – these are unique alternatives to adapt the raw naturalness of linen fabrics and straw textures to your living space with brown tones.

Bring spring flowers into your home

Colourfully blooming trees surround us with all their beauty, so, let the beautiful flowers and foliage appearing at this time of year inspire you to brighten your home!

It’s time to say hello to summer by bringing both the hopeful vitality of the awakening nature and the refreshing scent of spring into your home with the spring bouquets you will prepare using vases of various colours and patterns made of natural materials.

Let’s not forget our green friends at home

The most beautiful shades of green in the house are actually hidden in the plants. To highlight these beautiful tones, you can increase the emphasis on the green tones of your plants by moving your pots to brighter areas.

Taking care of the plants and flowers in your home before the sweltering heat of the summer months will make them happy. At this time when your ready plants need to be refreshed, replacing the pots with wicker baskets while ventilating their soil will create a very natural and stylish look.

The spaces you live in have a much greater impact on your mood than you might think. Refresh with the pure and regenerative energy of spring while nourishing your mind and soul with small changes you will make by bringing the unique beauties of spring to your living spaces with the awakening of nature.

Let this spring be a productive, inspiring and blooming wonderful time where you reconnect with nature.

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