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Dynamic Group Serves as Benchmark in Local Gonstruction Sector

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Ozyalcin Group, founded by Oğuz Ozyalcin in 1991 to provide architectural Services as well as trade in construction materials, has grovvn to become the construction-sector leader in Northern Cyprus. Ozyalcin Construction Ltd., launched in 1993, is now the main business entity in the group and is well knovvn for its expertise, ability to complete jobs on time to the highest standards, competitive prices and reliable customer service. The Board of Directors is now directed by Oğuz Ozyalcins’ tvvin daughters Yağmur and Yaprak Ozyalcin.

Ozyalcin Construction has earned the coveted ISO 9001:2000 certificate for quality managcment as well as a ‘First Class’ building certificate from the Cyprus Turkish Building Contractors Association. Earlier this year, Ozyalcin Construction was avvarded the ‘Gold Category’ des- ignation by the VVorld Quality Commit- ment International Association, which is aetive in 117 countıies.

Loans and exceptional after-sales service

The conıpany has clearly made a strong commitment to quality at every level, from equipment and technologies to construction and customer service. Yağmur Ozyalcin, Director, explains, “Ozyalcin Construction, with the youngest and most modern machinery and construction yard in the Turkish Rcpublic of Northern Cyprus, is the first and only construction conıpany on the whole island that provides 10-year mortgagc loans to its customers vvithout relying on banks. We also offer comprehensive after-sales service and long-term building guarantees.”

Ozyalcin Construction’s completed projects inelude around 1,500 apart- ments, 10 apartment complexes, and 20 villa developıuents vvith a total of 350 villas, ali in the Kyrcnia arca. In addition, the conıpany is responsible for such high-profile projects as the Middle East Technical University campus, a military headquarters, various hotels, casinos, banks and restaurants, and a number of EU-supporled projects, such as the mod- ernisation of the vvater-distribution infra- strueture in Kyrcnia, Lcfke and Gönyeli.

A well-carned reputation for providing value for money gives Ozyalcin Con¬struction its competitive edge. As Yağmur Ozyalcin points out, “Our customers inelude residents of Northern Cyprus who are investing for tlıeir families and foreign clients from ali över the world who are buying property in Cyprus as investments or holiday homes. We build our apartments and villas according to our customers’ requests and denıands. We ahvays strive to earn our customers’ trust by nıccting our deadlines, providing many extra Services, and offering unlimited choices in interior materials.”

The company’s projects are some of the ıııost ambitious in Northern Cyprus. Yağmur Ozyalcin says, “One of our projects, Patara City, vvith its slıops, offices, pool arca, restaurant, gym and 300 fiats, vvas the largest complex in the country vvlıen it vvas built. We then launched an even bigger complex, Lavinium Park, vvhich becamc the biggest on the vvhole island. It ineludes 900 fiats, 6 svvimming pools and a shopping mail. Bringing us a step forvvard vvithin the sector.”


Extended management Services

To enhance its Services for its customers, the group founded Ozyalcin Manage¬ment in 2006 to provide extended man¬agement Services. Ozyalcin Manage¬ment is the only conıpany in Northern Cyprus vvhich provides security, nıain- tenance, gardening, pool-cleaning, site- management, landscaping and house- keeping Services as vvell as propertymanagement., ali under the same roof. “Ozyalcin Manage¬ment has broadened its reach and is now maintaining ports and custonı oflices, schools and campuses as well as residen- tial areas,” Yaprak Ozyalcin, Director, points out.

The Ozyalcin Group also ineludes MOS Trading Go. Ltd., thc main distribütör of Sisecam, Turkey’s top glass producer. MOS vvas fouııded by Oğuz Ozyalcin and two other partners to fiil a gap in the local market. Today it provides around 70% of thc glass sold in Northern and Southern Cyprııs. The Ozyalcin Group owns 94% of the shares in MOS, vvhich is grovving rapidly and has imple- mented the latest equipment and technologies and earned ISO 9001:2000 certification for cjuality management. Another division of the Ozyalcin Group, Yesiltepe Petrol, sııpplies petrol to majör transportation and construction companies, ports and marinas, hotels and universities, and operates a petrol station in thc Alsancak area.

Luxury villas and holiday properties

The Ozyalcin Group has ambitious goals for the future. Yaprak Ozyalcin says, “We aim to expand our range of produets and to go a bit more luxurious than ever. The villas we built in Bellapais, one of the most desirable places on the island for luxury living, have been in such high demand that we had the courage to move one step further and build the very high-quality Elegance residences. Now, while continuing to build properties for the local market, we arc stepping up our projects to build privale lııxury villas and holiday properties for foreign customers. YVe are working vvith thc best designers and interior arehiteets from Europe, ineluding OS Desigııs Ltd.”

Ozyalcin Construction Ltd. serves as a benehmark in the construction sector in Northern Cyprus because of its innovation and high cjuality. Yaprak Ozyalcin concludcs, “YVe not only seli houses to live in today; we are providing our clients vvith enhanced lifestyles. YVe will continue to follow the latest develojmtents in the global construction sector and will strive to lıelp people nıake the most of our magical island.”

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